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Web&App Development

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Mobile App develop

Making your business in a iOS app to get a better user experience for your customers.
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Web App develop

Making your business in a web app where user can get access everywhere in the world.
Build your own apps

No matter website or mobile app, we can make it for you with any requirement. Design & develop apps for you or integrations with your current data into apps.

Bring a best user experience to your customer.

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Connect your customers everywhere

Integrating your database and connect with your customers on browsers, mobile app in all kind of portable devices

Our one pack solution provide your full service from frontend to backend, browser to app.

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Our Team

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Michael Wonng
PM, UX designer, Co-Founder
Michael conduct core UI/UX design of all projects and take full responsibility of team development. He also mentors developers with Apple UX conception.
Jason wu a852d165b708ae8c2c76adb08de3bc861196a1ed66752648d64ce1b399329c9a
Jason Ng
CTO, Co-Founder
Jason conducts research to improve the technological assets and consistently evaluates technical efficiency. He identifies competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of Aceworld.

Our Clients

Product showcase
Medtronic 916470c94356546f07bce9bbe30a218efeefcccdc04a5b71191e03f177be3025

PMS - Medtronic (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.

Patient Manage System (PMS) designs for Medtronic to track/manage their customers and also helps Medtronic to manage sales' submitted reports.

Hkaba logo 1 mobile c7025440a4099496d3b6a0a3e7330e9663cf6f465f88c4a1ea23bfd308b69ecf

Hong Kong-Australia Business Association

This membership system to help this organization's customer make their payment online and manage their all membership efficiently.

Lichee 236e163e2dad3bc19886b5889291e440a4714543eef12b79bd326f9dc5ec747c is a web based POS system. This POS system is established on the basis that order is the priority which useful for buyer agent.

Fengyi f12905dcc8337ec387cff0d608eb7590f9d04d06734e9bc44b7abeaa1dbc31bc


Customized E-Commerce system on different devices integrated with many brands' online store under this customer via SSO.

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